Applying for a Visa – Good Practice Notes

A covering letter to Action Visas giving contact details and the date the passport is required back with you is very helpful. If the latter is not provided, we will assume that the passport is required only for the period of
travel specified in the application. Although every effort will be made to return the passport as soon as possible.

Passports should not be sent by regular post. If Possible at least send by recorded delivery or preferably by Special Delivery (faster) or by Courier (even faster). Alternatively drop your application into our office yourself. We have parking and are close to London Bridge Station. (See map)

Applications received at our offices before 9.30am will be processed and lodged with their respective embassy same day whenever possible. Anything received after this time will be processed same day and lodged at the respective embassy the following day. During peak times applications are processed by known travel dates so please make our team aware of any specific travel dates or requirements.

Unless otherwise stated application forms should be completed in Black Ink using Block Capitals. All application forms must be sent to us with an original signature. Copied/scanned application forms will not be accepted.

Application Forms must be signed, if there is no place for a signature, the form is incomplete. All photographs should be of Passport quality, preferably in colour with a pale background.
(See below for notes on Passport Photographs)

Unless the embassy requires proof of travel, it is recommended not to confirm travel arrangements until the visa has been issued. We cannot be liable for any cost in respect of aborted travel.

When the embassy does require proof of travel, an itinerary from the travel agents or photocopies of tickets or a print out of an e-ticket is usually acceptable.

Any unusual requests must be indicated on the covering letter, even if you have spoken to us on the phone
regarding it, we deal with hundreds of visas and cannot always marry up specific requests with

The Original Passport must accompany the application, since visas are inserted or stamped in the passport.
Copies of passports are not acceptable.

Supporting Letters for Business Visas. Invitation letters and supporting documents from the UK should all include information specific to your trip. Generalised emails or letters are not accepted. Unless otherwise stated your supporting letters should include the following details,

Letters of support from UK companies cannot be signed by the person travelling. In the case of self
employed people, a letter from an accountant or solicitor should be sufficient.
· Addressed to respective Embassy or High Commission
· On the company’s headed paper including full address and contact information
· To be signed by authorised signatory of the company, proxy signature are not acceptable
· Purpose of Visit
· Applicants Name
· Applicants Passport number
· Applicants Date of Birth
· Applicants Gender
· Start & Expiry date of the passport
· Who is financially responsible for the applicant during their stay
· Duration of stay in the country being visited

On receipt of your passport back from Action Visas, please check to ensure that the visa covers your trip.
Sometimes, to get the passport back to you quickly, it may not come back to our office for checking prior to

Please note that many Embassies Close for International Public Holidays throughout the Year.

Recommended methods for delivering documents to Action Visas include,

Royal Mail Special Delivery
City Sprint
In Person at our London Office – (See map) – No appointment necessary